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Katie & Chris

All out dark skies hovered over this October wedding day, and as my trusty second shooter and I drove to Chicago, we worried a bit for the bride and groom! Little did we know it was almost a family tradition to have a rainy wedding day, and the dark skies were no match for the glow of warmth inside the church. Katie & Chris are so incredibly genuine, and their love is full of joy. There was a happy calm that filled the space, and it was a beautiful day of celebration. Congratulations to the newlyweds, and thank you for the honor of capturing your day!

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Maggie & Tony

Even though Maggie’s wedding was a last minute addition to my schedule and we didn’t have time to meet beforehand, I quickly realized that wasn’t important when I met her on her wedding day. She has such a welcoming and warm spirit that makes you feel like you’ve known her much longer than five minutes. 🙂 Little did I know, this would be the theme for the day – from family to friends, it was such a joyful celebration, and everyone was eager to share in their story. Here are a few favorites from their late September wedding.

And then there is Tony, who has a vibrant smile for every moment. Did I mention it was about 90 degrees on their wedding day? Both he and their son were rocking tuxedos with ease, despite the heat.Congratulations to Maggie & Tony, and thank you for letting me share in the joy of your day!

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Steve & Sarah

When I first met Sarah, we sat in a coffee shop (to remain unnamed) and swatted at little gnats, laughing through the whole meeting. Her wedding day was thankfully void of the pesky bugs, but overflowing with laughter and love.
May 5 held just enough sunshine and white clouds to be a perfect spring day, and I arrived to The Barn at Monterey Valley to a plethora of gorgeous tulips, and a venue filled with meaningful touches.Their centerpieces had been lovingly made by family, Sarah’s dad had crafted an amazing ring box, and they had personalized favors for each guest. When I asked where they had their favors made, they said they spent an evening doing it themselves with the help of family and friends. This may sound like a silly thing to be writing in a blog, but it is just a small representation of the love that surrounds this couple! Seeing friends and family helping to set up the reception venue and eager to celebrate with them – what a community. That’s what it’s all about right? I have to mention the father daughter dance – they broke out into a phenomenal dance compilation, and didn’t tell anyone so it was a total surprise. So fun! Congratulations to a fantastic couple, and wishing you abundant blessings in your lives together!

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YOU are local: Tip Toes

Have I mentioned I’m loving this series?! We have fantastic local businesses, and today’s feature is no exception: Tip Toes! I had the pleasure of meeting owners Kirsten Kincaid Nykamp and Paul Nykamp. They were as warm and cheerful as the atmosphere is bright and inviting!
If you were an animal, what would you be?

Kirsten: “a big ol’ fluffy dog so I can take naps in the sunshine on a daily basis.  Dogs are also happy to see everyone and get lots of hugs, so that would be pretty awesome as well!”

Paul:  “hmmm. The possibilities. I would be a eagle, having the ability to fly and get places quickly and gracefully would be amazing all the while having an amazing view of the happenings around me.”

Morning person or night owl? 

Kirsten: “Morning.  I like to have a little quiet time first thing in the morning before everyone else gets up to get my head set for the day.”

Paul: “Definitely a night owl. Having the end of the day to unwind, catch up on things or to prep for next door is ideal. I can survive as a morning person, our two children have helped me to get moving in the mornings…”

What is one thing you wish people knew about your business?

“If you’ve never been in Tip Toes, then you’ve not been able to experience the wonderful team that we have.  Everyone prides themselves in being there for the customer and helping the customer find just what they are looking for.  Whether a gift or something for your little one, we try our best to find the perfect fit.”

Describe a memorable or favorite moment in your business. 

“I think our favorite moments happen daily….when we hear kids having fun playing in the built in treehouse or pushing the kid sized shopping carts around.  There’s nothing better than the sound of happy kids and knowing that we can add a little sunshine into their day is awesome.”

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