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washing soda

Behind the scenes of a newborn session: what happens to the blankets my newborn pees on?!

Never fear, I think about your babies’ safety just as much as creating lovely images for you. Blankets and wraps are washed in my homemade detergent, that is scent free and super gentle. They are all dried with three lovely dryer balls too, so they come out soft for your babies skin, but also don’t have any chemicals or scents that your baby might react to.

All you have to do is enjoy, and trust me that it’s ok, it’s really okay if your baby does baby things on my blankets. 🙂



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vernal equinox

I believe I love winter the most when I’m reflecting back on it; this is especially true now that I can walk outside without looking like I’m wearing ALL the clothes in my wardrobe at once. But even when it’s cold, outdoor sessions with adorable couples like these are so much fun! I think there is something extra magical about expecting your first little bundle.

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663 million

My kids love sunbutter sandwiches, and if you’ve ever had it, you know it’s sticky stuff. As they eat lunch, one of them asks for more water. The water is TEN STEPS away. It’s pure and healthy, and effortless to retrieve.

On occasion, our kids wake thirsty in the night and call for water. If I’m honest, I don’t feel privileged at 3am going and getting water for them. But I should.

While preparing to launch YOU for THEM, I researched organizations, and in doing so, read a lot of facts about water. Statistics, percentages, and number of hours spent walking for water. And I could list those here, or I could say what my overwhelming feeling is:

EVERYONE should have access to clean water.

I can’t comprehend getting water for my family as a fixed item on my mental to do list each day. Can you?

Let’s do something together. Or how about two things.

1. Feel joy and gratitude today when we turn on our faucet, or hand our child a cup of water.
2. Let’s see how much we can raise! If you have friends or family who might enjoy this event, please share with them.

If you’re interested in the organization the water portion of the proceeds will go to, click here. I think you’ll quickly see why I chose them.

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eyelashes & saturdays

The consensus is in: the couch is comfy! I’m loving shooting in the new studio, and have loved seeing so many faces this winter! Oh and the snugly little fresh babes, whom I have the privilege of holding…please keep coming sweet babies!

I’ve been hoping for a macro lens years, and finally am the proud owner. It isn’t all together exciting to look at, so I’ll post a few images of it’s work. Up close baby eyelashes! Also, all those wedding detail shots can now be tack sharp and meet my ever rising standards for my images.

I’m hoping to post more content on here other than announcements, but for now, that’s what I have ready for you.

Don’t forget that in a little over a month Saturday sessions begin! I’d encourage you to think crazy and consider your Christmas card for 2017. I know that sounds nuts, but I have dates all the way out to November listed, and this past year I had to turn people away because I was booked solid. And I hate turning people away! So grab the slot (link here) that works for you now, and sit back and feel a moment of pride that you are so far ahead. 🙂

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