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eyelashes & saturdays

The consensus is in: the couch is comfy! I’m loving shooting in the new studio, and have loved seeing so many faces this winter! Oh and the snugly little fresh babes, whom I have the privilege of holding…please keep coming sweet babies!

I’ve been hoping for a macro lens years, and finally am the proud owner. It isn’t all together exciting to look at, so I’ll post a few images of it’s work. Up close baby eyelashes! Also, all those wedding detail shots can now be tack sharp and meet my ever rising standards for my images.

I’m hoping to post more content on here other than announcements, but for now, that’s what I have ready for you.

Don’t forget that in a little over a month Saturday sessions begin! I’d encourage you to think crazy and consider your Christmas card for 2017. I know that sounds nuts, but I have dates all the way out to November listed, and this past year I had to turn people away because I was booked solid. And I hate turning people away! So grab the slot (link here) that works for you now, and sit back and feel a moment of pride that you are so far ahead. 🙂

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Pajama sneak peak!

Can you tell I’m really excited for the YOU for THEM event? March 25, right around the corner! Maybe I’ll write a separate blog post on my excitement about giving back.

Here is the pajama party photo set-up preview! The banner is multi-colored, so not only is it gender neutral, but will also go with most any pj’s your child has. It’s handmade with love, just for this event.

There are so many fantastic reasons to come out for this; not only does it support two wonderful families and provide clean water for those in need, it’s also a fun outing and unique photo opportunity! Have I sold ya? 😉

Please check out the event page and RSVP!


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I love change!

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of change that scares me, certainly not the least of which is the rapidly changing length of my boys legs (and the $ output on pants).

But some change is invigorating. Like minor demolition, a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and refining photography techniques.

The studio is transforming! I’m still in love with staple guns and a good paint roller, not to mention furniture and fabric shopping. I’m also in the process of an extensive online photography workshop, and can’t wait to put all the ideas and techniques into practice.

Check back for finished photos of the new space, all fresh and ready for you! 2017 is bound to be amazing.

also, couldn’t do it without this man and his support. Doesn’t hurt that he’s handy. 😉

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